June 8 Saturday.

I climded Mt.Tateishi in Itoshima city.

I love this mountain has the beautiful view from top of the mountain.

And upper two thirds of the mountain trail is rocky area. So Mt.Tateishi is suitable for climbing the day after rainy day.

I made bento(Japanese lunch box) for next week in the morning.

I leave for Mt.Tateishi on 14:15. I arrived at Mt.Tateishi trail entrance on 14:45.


It needs 45 minutes by the scooter from Fukuoka-city Nishi-wards to Mt.Tateishi trail entrance.

Let’s go and enjoy climbing!


Mt.Tateishi has two trail entrances.

The first entrance is in Mt.Ichinotake which elevation is roughly 170-180m above sea level.

But the elevation of the top of Mt.Tateishi is 209m. So we get the roughly 40m elevation gain from Ichinotake-side entrance to the top of Mt.Tateishi.

The second entrance is Keya beach which elevation is almost 0m.

So we get almost 200m elevation gain from Keya-beach.

Today, I climebed from Keya-beach.


This trail opend in last summer. We can’t enjoy without trail, so I appreciate to who opend the trail(maybe… Itoshima-city?).


As mentioned above, the upper two thirds of trail is rocky area.

The step is large but it’s maintained.


It’s popular viewpoint we can look over the keya-no-ooto.


There are the cool and comfortable wind, so I spend 30 minutes on the top.

I must go home on 17:00, so I went my way down quickly.

After buying beer, I return home on 17:00 safely.

福岡県の山 (分県登山ガイド) [ 五十嵐賢 ]
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